Arbitrage betting(ARB) is a way of betting on sporting activities risk free resulting in guaranteed profit or money back, to do this you must place multiple bets on all different outcomes of an event at odds that will give you profit or your money back.


ARB betting is possible when there is a discrepancy between odds that allow you to guarantee profit or money back to be made by covering all outcomes.


Usually these are bets with just 2 different outcomes, for example a team getting over 1.5 cards or under 1.5 cards. ARB bets can be found when bookmakers disagree on odds or make a pricing error. We mainly find ARB bets using the corner and card markets

If you are still unsure on how ARB bets are possible and feel like risk free money is too good to be true then please see some examples


Picture 12.jpg
Picture 22.jpg

In this first example we have staked £515.62 on 5+ Nottingham forest corners @ 8/11 with sky bet, we then staked £375 on under 4.5 Nottingham forest corners at a price of 6/4 with William hill.

So in the game if Nottingham forest had 5 or more corners our £515.62 would return £890.61, however if Nottingham forest had 4 or less corners in the game our £375 would return £937.50.

So in total we have staked £890.62 and our total return  would either be £890.61 (money back) for 5 or more corners or £937.50 for 4 or less corners, which would result in £46.50 profit.


Picture 3.jpg
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Here in the second example we have staked £499.80 on under 5 Southend corners @1/1 with skybet, we then staked £416.50 on over 4.5 Southend corners @ 6/5 with bet365.


Meaning if Southend had 5 or more corners the bet with bet365 would win returning £916.30 but if Southend had 4 or less corners the bet with skybet would win returning £999.60.


In this instance Southend had 3 corners in the game meaning the bet with skybet won  returning £999.60 from a £916.30 total stake resulting in a profit of £83.60, however if Southend had 5 or more corners then the bet with bet365 would have won retuning £916.30 from a £916.30 total stake resulting in money back with absolutely no chance of losing any money at all.


We also find ARB bets which are guaranteed profit no matter what the outcome is, here is an example of one we have found which guarantees you profit:

Picture 5.jpg
Picture 6.jpg

In this example here you can see that the total stake from the 2 bets are £1000 and the returns will either be £1115 or £1050 guaranteeing you at least £50 profit and a chance at £115 profit completely RISK FREE!!!


There is one more example or ARB bets that we find, it’s where both bets can land resulting in massive profits without being able to lose.


This is possible because of how each bookmaker records the cards for example a straight red card on bet365 counts as 2 cards whereas on William hill a straight red card only counts as 1.


Please see the photo below which shows how each bookmaker counts each card towards settlement of bets.

Picture 7.jpg

As a result of this we can find bets like these, where both can land resulting in massive profits

Picture 8.jpg
Picture 9.jpg

Here we placed a bet of £400 @ 9/5 on under 1.5 Livingston cards with William hill, we then also placed £650 on over 1.5 cards @ 8/13 with Unibet.


In this scenario it is possible for both bets to land if Livingston get a straight red card and 0 yellow cards, because William hill would count it as 1 card and unibet would count it as 2.5 card resulting in the unders bet winning on William hill and the overs bet winning on Unibet.


Meaning the total stake would be £1050 and the total return being £2173 resulting in a profit of £1123, sounds good right!! With that being said it will never be possible for both bets to lose, therefore you will never make a loss from doing ARB bets.


The main bookmakers we use for doing ARB’s are, Bet365 William Hill Skybet Betbull and Unibet so if you’d like to join in on making some risk free cash then be sure to have accounts open with each of these bookmakers so you don’t miss out on any risk free profit.



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